Board of Directors
2017 - 2018

President - Melissa Lewis

President Elect - Linda Spina

1st Vice President - Leadership - Mary Ellen Winborn
2nd Vice President - Fundraising- Sharon Ballew

3rd Vice President - Communications- Elizabeth Parrott
4th Vice President - Membership - Suzanne Gutherie

5th Vice President - Programs -  Jill Goldberg                       
6th Vice President - Service & Education - Sarah Andry
7th Vice President - Donor Development - Patricia Cowlishaw  
8th Vice President - Garden Projects - Marsha Dowler
Recording Secretary - Sharon Walker

Corresponding Secretary - Anne Lignon

Treasurer - Lisa Meyer

Assistant Treaurer - Mary Jo Lincicome

Historian - Sandy Secor

Parliamentarian - Bettina Hennessy

Writers Garden Chairman - Kay Weeks

Mad Hatters Chairman - Venise Stuart

Committee Chairs

Board Arrangements & Hospitality -
                    Reggie Beutenmueller & Gail Welch
Care and Concern - Carole Ann Brown
Constant Contact - Connie Rhoades
Founders Award - Nancy Connor
Fall General Meeting - Patty Langdale
Winter General Meeting - Kathy Cothrum
Annual Membership Meeting -
                                Venise Stuart & Shelby Fuqua
History - Jo Anne McCullough
Inventory - Glenda Cotner
Name Tags - Susan Vaughan Bayler
New Member Welcome - Sarah Hardin
Newsletter - Connie Rhoades
Permanent Files - Renee Farren
Tribute Cards - Liz Respess
Trips - Sue John
Valentine Tea - Regina Bruce
Volunteer Days - Liz Dierksmeier
Website - Sharon Ballew
Yearbook - Catherine Chiao

Advisory Board Chair - Sharon Ballew
Audit Committee Chair - Dyann Skelton
Bylaws & Governance Chair - Nikki Beneke
Finance Committee Chair - Mary Ellen Winborn
Long Range Planning Chair - Sue Ringle
Nominating Committee Chair - to be appointed
Procedure Manual - Melissa Lewis
Volunteer Hours and Reports - Sarah Andry

Members At Large
Nancy Bierman
Faye Briggs
Nell Broughton
Yvonne Crum
Claire Cunningham
Linda Huffhines
Carol Huckin
Linda Ivy
Dorothea Meltzer
Carol Seay
Emilynn Wilson

Advisory Board
Sharon Ballew - Chair
Bettina Hennessy
Sue Ringle
Marena Gault
Renee Farren

Endowment Trust Trustees Committee
Sarah Seddelmeyer - Chair (2017)
Sharon Barbee (2018)
Kathy Cothrum (2018)

Endowment Oversight Committee
Jo Anne McCullough  - Chair (2017)
Patricia Cowlishaw (2019)
Helen Nixon (2019)

Advisory Board Honorary Members 
Doris Anton
Beth Averitt
Sally Berry
Patti Brown
Mary Lee Cox
Faye Gould
Beverly Holmes
Linda Jackson
Connie Klemow
Barbara Lake
Margaret McDermott
Shirley Mosely
Helen Nixon
Sylvia Rundell